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In Memory of

Hallebrunn's Michael

1986 - 1998

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"Michel" Beloved Companion and Friend !

The moment I met you and looked into your gentle eyes I felt a special kinship.

You became my protector, with such a large spirit, my courageous little Dackel.

We did not even speak in the same way, but we understood each other perfectly.

We did well together You and I.

When you wanted a mate we looked about and you selected "Chelly" and we

included her in our life. I learned so much from You and Chelly. You sired the

most beautiful Pups, Rude, Nusche and Schatze. It was a joy to watch you

teach them, how to hunt  true to their breeding, to run, jump seek and find,

and, yes how to dig holes in my garden. Even when Rude and Schatze got old

enough to challenge you, you my Michel remained "Top Dog" with ease.

You did well my Friend.

And then, my comrade you became ill, the diagnosis was congestive heart failure.

You suffered so much and after many month of valiantly enduring , for my sake.

You looked at me with those loving eyes that morning, and I understood that I

had to let you go. I have been blessed to have you to love for so long. My life has

been enriched by having your endearing ways to brighten my days, my Comrade.

All is well for you now, my faithful Friend.

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"My Michel"

I will not stand by your grave and weep.

For you are not there. You do not sleep.

You are the thousand winds that blow.

You are a diamond glinting on the snow.

You are the sunlight on ripened grain.

You are the gentle autumn rain.

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When I awaken in the morning hush.

You are the swift uplifting rush.

Of quiet birds in gentle flight.

You are the soft stars that shine at night.

I will not stand by your grave and cry.

You are not here you did not die.

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Your gentle touch remains upon.

My heart which loved you for so long.

You my beloved Michel will never really leave me.

You will live on in my precious memories.

You truly are a Dachshund of Great Character. 

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